You guys know for the most part I’ve kept pretty mum about the details of my divorce thus far. While I would generally love to just spill all, I don’t want to give the ex anything else to drag up in court against me. Trust me, he’s doing a great job so far just making things up on his own, so why fuel the fire? With only a week and a half till our hearing, I can wait.

Until today. Until this-



You can probably see without clicking it, but clicking it gives you a very clear view of a considerable amount of wetness around the base of a toilet. Wetness that has been mysteriously showing up for months now, that I had chalked up to having two boys in the house ages 5 and under. 

Wetness that mysteriously appeared again today, after I cleaned the floor, and after my kids had left for the day.

Either the dogs have learned to squat and pee behind my kids bathroom toilet, or the ex has been purposely going in there and ‘missing’ so I’d have to clean it up. This explains quite a bit, especially him walking into that bathroom and claiming it reeked of urine, even when no one else smelled anything.

Towards the upper right hand of the picture you can see where there is yellow on the baseboard I’ve had to scrub to try to remove the stains because it’s been done so much.

I confronted him about this today, and he completely denied it, as he does everything. He claims he wasn’t even in that bathroom today, but I was on a video chat with Paul today when we heard noise coming from the bathroom, so obviously someone was in there, and my kids were in another state for the day. Not to mention this isn’t our first rodeo concerning his bathroom habits, although at least in the past it wasn’t him being passive-aggressive that I am aware of.

Note to any of his future significant others…Invest in a lot of Clorox.