Week 11 – Stormageddon’s Heartbeat!

This is a recording Paul did for me of Stormageddon’s heartbeat coming from my doppler. I’ve been able to pick it up since 8 weeks 4 days, but it’s gotten easier to find as the weeks go on. Hoping to feel some movement soon so I won’t be inclined to check it so often!

The New Years Resolution Post That For Once Isn’t Full of Bullshit

In the past I have been the queen of the New Years resolution. I love making them, and feel like there is always room for improvement. Even if you don’t keep them, there is a lot to be said for making goals and striving to stick to them.

2012 was an amazing year for us – Paul’s immigration stuff got finished, he got not one but two long-term consulting jobs , we got a great visit with my mother in law, I got to spend more time with my family, and we found out we are expecting a new arrival next August. We are happy with the rental we are in, and everyone is healthy.

We did ok keeping our 2012 resolutions, which included things like getting the immigration stuff finished, preparing to get pregnant, and trying a new restaurant every month. So now I’ve hit a dilemma – what do you commit to change when life is going pretty well?

Losing weight is kind of the old stand-by, but being pregnant throws a bit of a wrench in that. I could try to commit to losing the baby weight by the end of the year, but will I really be happy putting that sort of pressure on myself so close to the holidays? I think not.

This year my goals are going to be more realistic. 2012 was all about change for us, I’d like 2013 to be more about slowing down to enjoy life.

I want to take more time to read. It’s something I greatly enjoy, and not having a ton of energy these days, it’s easy to do without much effort.

I want to de-clutter a bit and get rid of things that aren’t used. Not because I want a spotless house, but because I want to simplify, and useless things that just take up space are stressful.

I plan to eat healthier now that the holidays are over. Gaining weight is part and parcel of being pregnant, but I don’t do myself any favors by eating poorly, and it just makes me feel sick afterwards.

Finally, I want to work on being kinder to myself. I’ve always said I want to lose x number of lbs, or read x number of books, or do this or that, but when life happens, all I see is that I didn’t accomplish what I expected to.

Overall I’d like to just stress less and enjoy more. I feel like sometimes we get so busy and so caught up in things that we forget to live in the now and do what makes us happy. Cooking good meals, spending quiet evenings with friends, having more meaningful conversations…This is my plan for 2013.

I’m Too Tired to Write Anything Amazing, So You’ll Have to Settle For This

Every day I make these big plans for things I’ll be doing after work – cooking an awesome dinner, getting some housework done, and then writing a fascinating blog post detailing the incredibly deep thoughts I have during my fairly mundane day job, followed by fantastic sexy times with my amazing husband, after which I get 8-9 hours of blissful sleep.

That shit just ain’t happening.

Despite my good intentions, dinner never seems to get planned out ahead of time, I am too tired to do much when I get home, and I fall asleep around 8pm most nights only to toss and turn half the night and wake up as tired as when I went to bed.

Paul has been a real trooper about all of it – making dinner when I’m tired, doing laundry, cleaning the fish tanks without me even having to ask him, and generally just being supportive and amazing.

The only thing that has really thrown him so far is not how tired I am, but how emotional I get. Twice now I have burst into tears in restaurants right in front of him with no warning whatsoever. Once because he said something really really nice, and once because I realized I was going to have to shop for some bigger clothes.

Pregnant, and having to shop for bigger clothes…can you imagine?? Yeah, makes more sense now, that day it was particularly devastating.

Teary outbursts aside, things seem to be going well enough. I have my first appointment tomorrow morning, where they will do a pregnancy test and take about a gazillion vials of blood. I’ve never quite understood the notion of giving you a pregnancy test when they typically don’t see you until you are a few good weeks along and have already peed on about 367,967 test at home. With my last I was 9 weeks before they had me in and I was already showing, but they still did a test, I guess in case that lump under my shirt was actually a cheesecake tumor or something?

I’m not sure if they’ll be doing an ultrasound tomorrow or not, but I’m hoping they will be. Paul is going to the appointment with me, and this is all kind of new and exciting for him. It would be cool for him to get a glimpse of what’s going on in there, since the only physical proof he has so far of these changes are a bunch of dry pee sticks and a wife who cries at the drop of a hat.

Will update tomorrow on the appointment, but in the meantime, I got this in the mail today. LOVE it!!



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