Saving Lives? I’m Just Here For the Ice Cream.

Tomorrow is going to be so insanely busy its not even funny. Alabama’s first ever tax-free weekend on school supplies starts tomorrow, and its promising to be Black Friday meets Office Max. Not good. I don’t do Black Friday under most circumstances, mostly because I hate crowds and am not a fan of getting trampled. But since this is stuff that I have to get soon, might as well brave the masses and save the 9%. So on my list is supplies, shoes, and uniforms. Oh, did I mention I will have all 3 kids with me for this?

After the craziness I am losing my mind even more and joining my playgroup girls at the mall for the blood drive. We are going to do something to help others, and go en masse to donate blood. Ony minor drawbacks being that I hate needles, and I hate blood. Why, you may ask, am I doing this then? Because I think its important. And there will be free ice cream. And a t-shirt. And a massage. And did I mention the free ice cream?? I’m so there!

And heck, who knows, maybe this will be a quick way to get rid of the nasty 2 1/2 pounds that showed up this week???

Shoot Me Now..

I was so pleased because I lost a pound and a half last week. Then this morning I step on the scale, and did that wide-eyed, hands to my face, horror movie scream. I have gained TWO AND A HALF POUNDS IN A WEEK. My heart was racing, and I went into total denial. This can’t be right! Damn scale must be off. I stepped off, reset it, and stepped back on. Same answer. Stepped off, stepped back on. Same answer still. As many times as I stepped off and on that scale it should have counted for a good five minutes of a step aerobics class, no? But it kept giving me the same answer. I think I even caught it rolling its eyes at me the last time I stepped down. And I know I heard it mutter “Shouldn’t have ordered that pizza last week!” as I left the bathroom. I hate smartass appliances.

Still in denial, I walked to my closet and pulled out my favorite jeans. They at least were nice enough to not laugh at me as I unsuccessfully attempted to button them. So here I am, back in my sweatpants again. I am hereby boycotting Domino’s. For real this time.

I Always Knew Barbie Was a Slut.

I was organizing a bunch of old pictures and ran across this little gem. It was taken at a Sam’s Club store about 2 years ago on my cameraphone, and to this day makes me laugh. I can only guess someone tried unsuccessfully to free Barbie and shoplift her.

Why Ken Really Loves Barbie!

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