Month: March 2009

Google Voice Rocks My World

I have been meaning to post about Google Voice since my GrandCentral account got changed over about a week ago, and just haven’t gotten around to doing it. This service has been in beta for 2 years now, but Google has announced it will be open to the public soon. (Your guess is as good as mine as to what soon means in Google-time. It can’t be nearly as long as in Sara-time I assure you.)

Here is a short video I found on the features of this kick-ass service.

You can sign up here to be notified when the service goes live to the general public.

When Faced With the Truth, Dig a Deeper Hole

When I finished the Truth series, I expected I would pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep on chugging. Shit happens, life goes on. I was in a very vulnerable, emotional place, but I was ok.

Then my ex read my blog and started in on me. And kept on me.  To the point I got so stressed that between him and everything else, I snapped. I drove to a hotel, checked in, and attempted to overdose myself on Nyquil. And very nearly succeeded.

I got lucky in that I was found in time. I promise to tell that story soon.

In the meantime I am dealing with the aftermath of making such a huge mistake. Some I expected, some I didn’t.

What I didn’t expect was the series of emails I’ve gotten this afternoon. Apparently not content to sit back and watch my stumble, they tried to post this on my, AND several of my readers’ blogs. I am floored not only at the names I am called, but also by the sheer callousness of the ‘ask her what she did 12 hours later’ remark.

The remark in question is referring to my suicide attempt Saturday night.

Here is the comment in it’s entirety(minus actual email address), as it was sent to Loralee at LoraLee’s Looney Tunes , reposted here with her permission-

Mark <Email removed>
<Email removed>
dateWed, Mar 11, 2009 at 2:44 PM
subjectSuburban Oblivian – Just so you know — contact form
hide details 2:44 PM (2 hours ago)

You people are the most pathetic people in the world. Get a life. She
can’t stand lying. That is all this is. Ask this crazy person what she did
Saturday night less than 12 hours of posting this bag of lies.

Ask this evil witch when the last time was that she spent any quality time
with her children instead of the Irish scumbag. She has occupied the same
house with them, the same vehicle as them, but nothing beyond that.

To make it clear, I am the ex’s brother. SO I HAVE PICKED A SIDE IN THIS. My
brother is not perfect, but this is bizarre, and you pathetic people feed
her. She is a SLUT, she IS a LIAR, She is SELFISH, she is GREEDY, she is
she is admittedly an ADULTERER, and most of all SHE IS EVIL. And that is
alright with you pathetic, miserable people. And now we all know that she is
MENTALLY ILL. That’s right, a moment of truth. You have all been taken in
by a crazy person. The irony is remarkable. Though how were you pathetic
people supposed to know. You do not know the people involved here. It is on
the Internet, so DUH, it must be true.

You pathetic people should be praying for this family, for these kids. She
has used this to entertain your pathetic lives and you have bought her bag
of lies and crap, hook, line and sinker. There are THREE YOUNG CHILDREN in
the middle of this mess and all she can talk about is herself. Who the hell
is taking care of these children while she spends hours and hours on the
phone with the IRISH Jackass, and hours and hours online with this and
frickin’ Twitter and anyone else that will buy into her crap while my
brother is working his butt off.

By the by, the Irish Jackass broke it off with her, not the other way
around. He started calling my brother and harassing him. He said it is to
let him know that my brother was right all along. Not to apologize or
anything like that. He too is everything she is. Probably mentally ill too.

I’ll end like I started….you people are the most pathetic people in the

I am speechless.

Because Breakups Aren’t Enough Fun

My ex, you know, the one suing me for the herpes I don’t have?, is on a rampage today. Not content to just file frivolous lawsuits or be a generally miserable person to be around, now has moved on to walking around talking to himself and his voice recorder in the typically rediculous falsetto voice he uses when he is talking to the kids and recording it.

“Oh, I’m soooo sorry mommy is too busy on the phone to turn a game on for you! Mommy is ALWAYS on the computer and phone, ISN’T SHE?” (Insert pointed look at me along with a smirk and laugh.)

Additionally, he is walking around with a notepad recording everything I do( Think-10am, Sara goes into her room. 10:30am, Sara comes out of her room and supervises the kids.). And some things I haven’t. Apparently truth means little.

Sorta like him walking into the room across from me, pretending to call Paul on the phone and leave a voicemail saying he may have a chance with me, because he saw me on his website.

Paul doesn’t have voicemail.

I had thought today would be spent dealing with the breakup of a year-long relationship, and getting things in order from that.

Instead I apparently get to watch my ex make an ass of himself all day long.

Popcorn anyone?

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