Month: January 2009

He’s Going to be So Popular in College.

I was driving along on the way to preschool today, when on the radio they start talking about dogs, and mentioned something about dogs barking on command.

From the seat behind me, Damian asks my why they said that. I said I wasn’t sure, I thought they wanted to put a dog who knew how to bark on command on the radio for a contest. He asked if our dogs could go on the radio, I said no, they bark, but not on command.

He sat thinking for a moment, and then says to me “But mommy, I can burp on command, can I go??”.

And no, the 4 year old wasn’t joking. Frat parties, here he comes.

Playing in Everyone Else’s Toyboxes

As you’ve probably seen, my blog redesign is coming along, slowwwwwllllyyyyyy but steadily. If the best things are truly worth waiting for, this should turn out to be the best blog design in the history of blogs. Or maybe I’m just a major procrastinator. Something like that.

Anyhoo, in the spirit of putting things off exercising my creativity, you can find my nonsense work on a couple of other sites this week!

Some long-time readers may recognize one of my favorite oldy-but-goody posts, “Man, How Fragile Art Thou Ego”, featured over at Blog Nosh Mag. Did you know Blog Nosh has been nominated for Best New Blog AND Best Blog Design in the 2009 Bloggies? No? Consider yourself informed, and get your ass over there and vote for them!

In other news, there’s a new blog site on the block, and as their tagline so deliciously exclaims, ‘Don’t Say We Didn’t Warn You!’.  Bad Mommy Blogger is set to launch February 2nd, with whip, chains, and booze contests, confessions, and all the bad mommy attitude you can possibly stand. I look the best in leather, so they are letting me have a regular spot on the roster. Check out my first post there, “If You Can’t Beat Them, Laugh at Them“. Be sure to follow Bad Mommy Blogger on Twitter to stay current on all the latest updates!

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