Month: December 2008

My Song for 2008

I noticed on Twitter some people were picking the song that for them summed up 2008. I could go a few different ways with this idea- appreciation for the friends who have been so supportive, the readers who haven’t abandoned me, or even that special someone(you know who you are) who I expect will be playing a huge role in my music choice for 2009.

That said, since with any luck my divorce should be final in the next couple months, I’ll quite happily dedicate 2008’s song to my ex. Without all the crap he’s tried to pull over the last 8 months, I’d have continued to believe I was the nothing he said I’d be without him. The truth is I am so much stronger than I ever thought possible.

Here’s to a healthy, happy 2009, wherever your path takes you.

For You Twilight Fans



Should Stephanie Meyer ever decide to write about Edward Cullin’s life as a child, I’m pretty sure Damian will be a shoe-in for the part.



On that same note, I read the book and watched the movie over the last week and a half and liked them both way more than I expected. The problem is I’ve read the synopsis for the next couple of books and HATE them..WTF?? Is it worth reading book 2?

Cleaning Out the Closet, Bloggy-Style

I feel so mentally overwhelmed right now I can’t think. Whether it’s depression, stress, or a shaken-not-stirred emotional cocktail of both I couldn’t tell you. I just feel like the weight of the world is on me right now and I can’t for the life of me figure out why.

All things considered, things are ok here. The divorce is still dragging on, but mostly things are calm at home. Christmas is coming up, and I just got back from the most amazing experience, which I’ll be posting about later. (Twitter and Facebook friends already knew, the rest of you will have to wait!) There is nothing going on that is worth brooding over, yet for some reason I am, and I suspect I know why.

My blog is annoying the ever-living shit out of me.

Yeah, call out the guys in the white jackets, Sara is becoming depressed over an intangible monster of her own creation.

I have had the hardest time with my blogging since my divorce started. Partly because of everything I couldn’t blog about(legally), and partly because those things-that-shall-not-be-mentioned ARE the biggest things in my life right now. The censorship has stifled my creativity, and it’s making me resent the hell out of my blog. Not to mention I decided back in October to do a massive redesign, and still haven’t touched it.

Who I am now, and what my blog currently is, just don’t fit anymore. Square peg, round hole, and all that jazz.

I’ve got to kick my own ass a bit and fix this. Fish or cut bait, shit or get off the pot. Get off your ass and do something, bitch!

I can’t kick-start my blog with the mental bloggy to-do list hanging over my head. I’ve got to work on my redesign, pronto. I’ve got to catch up on those PR goodies I’ve been sent. I’ve got to respond to the 50 or so PR emails weighting down my box, unread. I’ve got to get my omg-where-did-it-go-and-htf-am-I-a-PR2??? back up.

I’m at rock bottom with my blog, the only way to go now is up.



I didn’t get to make it for Thanksgiving, but my Christmas dinner will be an Oven Ready Jenny-O whole turkey. I swear these people saw me coming, because this is about at stupid-proof as you get! The turkey goes from freezer to oven with no thawing or seasoning needed. It is pre-sealed in a cooking bag, and the pop-up turkey button tells you when it’s done. Pick one up for Christmas dinner, because with all that assembling and wire-cutting to do Christmas Day, the last thing you need to worry about is screwing up dinner!

Thanks to HarperCollins for providing me with a copy of The Mental Floss History of the World by Erik Sass and Steve Wiegand. If high school history class had been even half this funny, I would have paid a lot more attention! This book will give you tons of useful history trivia to spout off at holiday parties while keeping you thoroughly entertained.