Month: September 2008

I Should Have Let Him Continue Thinking I Had a Penis

My three year old and I have been having an ongoing conversation for months that goes something like this-

“Mommy, do you have a pee-pee?”

“No baby, mommy is a girl, girls don’t have pee-pees.”

“But sissy has a pee-pee, she told me she does!” (Wondering where I was when this conversation occurred??)

“No sweetie, I promise you, sissy most definitely does not have a pee-pee. Only boys have them.”

To which he generally gives me one of his Mom’s Gone Dumb looks and runs off.

Not long ago when the older two were in school, he followed me into the bathroom and tried to engage me in this particular dialog again as I sat on the toilet.

“Mommy, do you have a pee-pee?”

“No baby, mommy is a girl, girls don’t have pee-pees.”

“Yes you do, let me see!”

At this point I paused, and debated what he’d just asked me. Several people had told me to just show him and get it over with, that his curiosity would be sated, and we’d finally end this debate. On the other hand, I felt sort of uncomfortable with the idea of exposing myself to my three year old, whom I hadn’t been naked around in some time. Frustration won over prudishness, and I let him look.

“See, mommy doesn’t have a pee-pee!” I told him.

He looked over, and then looked up at me, his brown eyes wide with shock and what almost looked like a hint of fear. His mouth dropped open.

Mommy, did you broked it?!?


Once again the race to therapy over the penis issues is officially on.

The Obama/McCain Debate and Twitter

Further proof perception is reality-

Obama/McCain Debate Twitterings
Obama/McCain Debate Twitterings

Ever wonder if people are actually watching two different debates when you see these things?? 😉

Making Money From Blogging- Reader Poll

I just read over on Techcrunch about Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere report, which gave a breakdown of who is blogging and how much they make. I was a little blown away by their figures. According to Technorati’s poll of over a thousand bloggers, people who advertise on their blog are making on average $6,000 a year. I’m curious who they polled and what their Technorati ranking is, because while ads can pay, I am generally finding that pay is more along the lines of a couple Starbucks runs a month, not a year’s lease on a Mercedes. So dear readers, tell me, how much are you making on your blog advertising, be it Adsense, BlogHer ads, paid posts or otherwise?

(Feed readers please click through and vote!)

You can read Paul’s more humorous take on the topic over at the O’Flaherty blog. We will both be running polls on this and will be posting results on Wednesday, October 1st about what the average blogger is really making!

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