With all the excitement and live-blogging and re-capping of BlogHer 08, its easy to overlook the less-than-thrilling things that were going on outside of San Fran this weeked. I hear there was a BlogHer pity party, but I missed it. The Queen of Shake-Shake was missing in action due to her attendance of ShagHer 08. (Color me green with envy, the bitch performed so well she’s getting paid for it.)  Neil Kramer hosted BlogHim 08, which I hear was a smashing success, despite lack of sponsors, venue, or attendees. I did get to catch up with Neil and Sarcastic Mom on Twitter Saturday evening, and we had a rather lively discussion about boob-grabbing, so the weekend wasn’t a total wash.

That said, the one thing I could have totally done without this weekend was the trip I took Saturday afternoon to get a haircut. You see, while you guys were attending BlogHer, BlogHim, parties, and everything else, I was busy getting half my eyebrow ripped off by a crazed esthetician.

No, seriously, she really did rip off half my eyebrow.

eyebrow ripped off

See that big bare spot to the left of my eye? There used to be brow there. Brow that matches the other side, which I still have. Not that the crazy bitch didn’t attempt to shorten that one too, and at one point have the nerve to comment on how short one of them was. “No worries” she tells me, “They told us in school its normal for them to grow differently!”. I assume by grow differently, she meant AFTER she accidently spread the wax too far and attempted to scalp my face?

Too add insult to injury, the hair place could not figure out how to do a refund on a service. It’s never a good sign when they say “Oh, corporate told us we aren’t supposed to do services anymore.”

Umm, gee, wonder why??????

So now I have to go through the whole 800 number mess to try to get a refund on a wax they apparently weren’t even supposed to be doing.

I realize I’ve not been blogging as much as I should lately, but when I ask the universe for inspiration, how about next time we go a little easier? I would have settled for a “BlogHer 09-bound!” post 😉