Month: June 2008

Ever Feel Like You Are Being Watched?

I’m used to getting out of the shower and finding the kids trying to watch me under the door. It was a whole new ballgame to open the door to find this-

Methinks Damian sent the poor lamb to do his dirty work 😉

MyBlogLog- All the Rage or Sooooo Last Year?

This weekend I ran across a bit on Google’s new MyBlogLog’esq service called Google Friend Connect. It’s in beta and not exactly open to the public yet, although you can sign up for the wait list. (Anyone else having Gmail flashbacks?)

As I was signing up I thought about it and realized I haven’t touched MyBlogLog in oh, roughly forever.  It was the coolest thing since Akismet when I first got on, but these days I don’t think too many people are using it to bloghop the way we used to.

So you tell me, is MyBlogLog still hot, or has it gone the way of those horrid discoball purses of last summer?

There is Something Touching in This Google Search Hit..

I can’t figure out what it is, but something about finding out I am the number one ranking for the phrase

What do you do when life hands you a lemon

really made me smile. I’m not sure why yet, but it gives me hope.

(And the answer to her question as my readers know, is to hand them back and demand good wine! 😉  )

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