Month: February 2008

I Finally Gave in and F@cked Matt Damon, But Truthfully I Prefer F@cking Ben Affleck.

Yes, I admit it, only today out of sheer boredom did I give in, follow the crowd, and f@ck Matt Damon. I hate doing things just because everyone else is doing it, and Matt Damon is just not my cup of tea. Video here for the last of us prudes who had not been singing about f@cking him till now-

I only saw the video because it seems Jimmy Kimmel decided to one-up them and announce, in a hilarious star-studded video that he is indeed now f@cking Ben Affleck. Talk about revenge 😉 Check it out!

If You Have to Ask, The Answer is No.

I Love Good News in the Morning!

Sheeeeee’s baaaaack!! 😀

Last year one of my very favorite bloggers pulled a disappearing act with no forwarding address. Looks like she missed us way too much to stay gone, because I saw this morning she’s back up and running! 😀 Head on over to One Tough Momma and give Robyn a great big welcome-back. This is one blogger who has been sorely missed!

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