Month: January 2008

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way (Or a Hell of a Lot of Spandex)

A little under a month ago I posted about the Mardi Gras ball coming up on the 30th. For those that don’t remember, I had a *teeny* little problem with a dress 2 sizes too small. I decided to try to lose 20lbs in 25 days, and squeeze myself into that dress again. I’ve had a lot of well-wishes and inquiries about it since, and since the day is nearly here, I guess its time to answer- did I succeed?

No. And yes. Sort of.

Clear as mud, right?

Long story short, I lost almost 10lbs. Right up until 2 days ago. At which point the crankiness and the bloating started. Practically overnight, I gained back nearly 5 of the 10lbs I’d lost. Nature seems to have quite the sense of humor, in that I have short cycles, between 21-23 days. Which would be fabulous if I were trying to get pregnant, what with several extra cycles a year. (Aren’t you jealous?) But I’m not. And so in this case all it means is that the one month I am really trying to keep the weight off, I’m having my period and all the eating and bloating it entails, TWICE. Wtf????

Not to be conquered by my ridiculous cycles or an uncooperative dress, I decided I’d not given up this fight yet. I set out to Kohl’s, and picked up the modern day equivalent of a corset, only much, much uglier. I don’t know how to describe it, except its like grandma underwear attached to this really tight waist thing that goes up to right under my bra. It smooths everything out except right at the hip, so I had to buy a second contraption to go under the first, and these are like really long, tight boyshorts. There’s going to be more Lycra under that dress than a Vegas hooker convention, but by god the rolls shall be tamed and the gown shall zip.

As long as I don’t have to breathe or pee for 4 hours I should be just fine.

People Cuss on Their Blogs? What the Fuck? (Weekend Confession Time)

Shedding a Little Light

You know, there is one thing I truly love about my readers here- you just never know what you are going to get. I can post something I like, or think is funny, and sometimes it will go over well, sometimes it will bomb. Then I can post something like yesterday that I could have told you exactly where it would go, and *BOOM* people take it so far into left field I wonder if we are even still talking about the same post. I was tempted yesterday to jump in and address certain things, but the truth is I don’t want to lead anyone anywhere when it comes to the discussions. I like the honesty of the comments as they come, good or bad.

Let me address one question right up front, because I think this is where things trailed off. Nowhere, as far as I can tell, did I ever say anything about the email being from a real blogger. The email came from someone who found me listed on a link sale site I joined when I first started thinking about monetizing my blog and then never did anything with. So in short, not only was this not anyone who had even read my blog before, they also decided to skip right over attempting to use that site as it should have been, and tried to get the linkage for free instead. If you were selling something on Ebay, and someone looked you up, called you at home, and asked if you could exchange your item A for their (worth nothing) item B, how would you feel? This is NO different. I would have taken a much, MUCH different approach had this person been a real blogger who was in my genre and had stumbled on me somewhere. Or even if they didn’t write on the same topic, but had attempted to build a relationship with me. But they weren’t, and they didn’t. This was a spammer, pure and simple, and so I treated them accordingly. Any ideas that this was some poor newbie mommyblogger that I was being horrible and picking on were due to the ASSumptions of commenters who very obviously don’t read me regularly enough to know thats not how I operate. I don’t mind helping out other bloggers where I can, and have always been quick to help those who have asked for help and advice, and even purposely gave linkage to a bloggy friend who lost her Pagerank due to the big Google crackdown on PayPerPost. I hate PPP, but because I value her as a friend and reader, I did what I could to help. Call me a bitch all you want, but I think my relationship with my readers stands on it own, and that is what is important to me.

As far as the threat that I lost readers over this..what can I say to that? Readers come and readers go. I myself change up my Google Reader subscriptions on a pretty regular basis. Those that like my stuff and feel a connection with me will stay, and those that don’t will not. I don’t see it any different as real life friendships, in that the relationship with a reader is ever-evolving. I certainly hope no one stalked off in a huff over their own assumptions on my topic, but if they did, chances are we didn’t have a good rapport to begin with, and in that case I wish them the best.

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