Month: December 2007

My 12 Favorite Posts of 2007.

Some posts that you might or might not have seen this year, in order of appearance.

What You Don’t Expect When you Are Expecting

The Fairy Godmother is a Pimp in Drag 

I Thought the Old Man Was Gonna Take Me Down!

I Remember Now Why I Gave Up Mommyboards

One of Those Real (Bad) Mom Days

Depression and Medication

Things You Yell at Your Kids 

Falling Off the Path

I’m Getting Used to the “Are You Stupid” Looks

To Put it Bluntly, Kids Are Assholes

I See in Your Nose and You Got Burgers!

Goal for 2008- Fill The Blogosphere With Crap

Obligatory Resolutions Post

I was tempted to skip them this year, but what the hell, it’s good to have goals, right?

In 2008, I Will… 

Lose 20lbs. I have to because I am..

Attending BlogHer 2008!!!!! 😀  I am so nervous(everyone will finally see how dorky I really am) but I am excited to go and hope you guys will be there too! I’m kind of afraid no one will know who I am, which will lead me to want to..

Step up my blogging, both in frequency and quality. I had a few really good posts this year, and I’d like to continue that trend.

I will also stop worrying so much about what people think of me. People are too busy worrying about themselves to think of me, and I am way more critical of myself than anyone else is of me.

I plan to take more risks, and experience more of life. Way too often I stop myself from doing something because I’m afraid of doing something stupid. So what? Worst case scenario, I look stupid and then have great blog material, right? It’s a win-win all around.

I want to start doing more volunteer work. The PTA stuff is fine, but more than anything I’d like to start working with the local Animal Rescue Foundation and help out at their monthly adoption fairs.  Both our doggies were rescues, and it would be great to give back in some way.

Lastly, I am going to  brush up on the candidates and go out and vote this year. Why is this important? Because I’ve never actually done it before! (More on this subject later.)

So there ya have it..what’s on your resolution list for 2008???

Did They Eat Her?

Last night Damian comes and snuggles up to me and says “Hey mom, you are my new mommy!” (Don’t you love 2 year olds?)

After a second I began to wonder, if I was the new mommy, what happened to the old one?

Better yet, what would I have to pay her to come back?!?


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