Month: October 2007

Tuesday Morning Bloggyness

Just some funny, share-worthy posts as I catch up on my reading.

June Cleaver After a 6-Pack talks about cranky husbands.

Queen of Spain has culture shock as she visits family in the south while waiting out the fires.

I always love a good Google Search post! 😉

Fussypants talks about the art of ruling one’s husband, while the Queen of Spain Bedroom talks about ruling one’s self! 😉

In a Teeny, Tiny Whisper

Shhhhh…Damian has decided he is ready to potty train. He wore underwear to school last Thursday, and has been wearing them daily ever since, with only a handful of accidents. Tonight he flat out refused to wear a diaper to bed, so we compromised with a Pull-Up and me waking him to potty at 11pm.

Cross fingers, we may have this done by Thanksgiving! 😎

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