Month: September 2007

$95 and All I Got Was Another Appointment.

Eye exams suck.

Really, there is nothing worse than going in and spending $50-100 and being told “Everything looks good, here’s your prescription for you to now spend even more money on contacts or glasses. See ya next year!” What a waste. Unfortunately when you are like me and blind as a bat without correction, it is a necessary evil.

I noticed over the last few months I’ve had to squint more and more even with my contacts in, so I went in today for my exam, knowing full well they’d have to up my prescription. Holy hell did it take a jump! My contact prescription went up a full point, translation for those who wear glasses, my vision has gone from 20/200 to 20/400 in a year.

The eye doctor was really concerned, it seems this is not a normal thing to happen. She asked that I make an appointment with my doctor for a checkup in the near future, saying that a jump like that could be a possible sign of diabetes. She said not to worry too much, it could also be due to computer use(more likely IMO) or aging. Aging?? Huh?? So is this what happens the closer you get to 30, you gain weight AND lose your vision? Cripes, I want a recount if that’s the case!!

An hour later I had blurred vision from dilation, $95 less in my bank account, a prescription to order my new super-strength contacts, and orders to get thee to the physician. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned since my grandfather has diabetes and I’ve had problems with hypoglycemia. For now I am just assuring myself it’s a side effect of all my friends living in my laptop! 😉

Friday Linkage

Due to a PMS-induced shortage of thought, there will be no original post today. Due to this same bout of PMS I may not even get dressed today. Come to think of it, the kids may not even live to see lunchtime at this rate. Not to leave ya hanging, there are a few posts that have totally made me laugh, so here is some linkage for their oh-so-talented writers. Go read and enjoy!

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Mamma Love’s “Brother For Sale”

Editing to add, my buddy Keith at Cre8buzz just send me this, and it is fucking. hilarious. Must-watch!!! Anita Renfroe’s “Overture For Moms”.

Cre8buzz Becomes First Social Networking Site to Support Breastfeeding, Allows Photos.

Cre8buzz has just given mamas everywhere a new reason to join their new social networking site- unlike Facebook, Myspace and others they have taken a stand and are publicly stating they support not only a woman’s right to breastfeed, but her freedom of expression by posting such pictures.

Yes, you are reading that correctly, a social-networking site is loud and proud that they will NOT consider breastfeeding photos obscene, and support your right to post them. A FAR cry from the recent Facebook and Myspace incidents in which both sites have declared such photos indecent citing their rather arbitrary rules on nudity in pictures. (Many, many pornographic photos can be found on both sites, even today.)

Cre8buzz’s take on the matter-

Our official position:

Cre8Buzz is the place where people can be seen, heard and found and interact with communities of like-minded folks. We believe that each community has its topics, issues and means of expression that are unique. Therefore, we at Cre8buzz accept all means of expression, including photos, as long as they meet reasonable standards of appropriateness for that community. For Moms, breastfeeding is part of motherhood like dirty diapers and sick kids. We have no issue with members of the Moms community expressing themselves with pictures of breastfeeding.

The site goes live on October 7th, however beta invitations can still be had at Mashable invites, or mothers can sign up directly to the moms community here.

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