Month: August 2007

It’s the Full Moon, I Just Know It!

Another entertaining comment tonight for your viewing pleasure.

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So let me get this straight.
If Izzymom’s husband should come to his senses and attempt to make public amends in one of the places he did wrong, like poor Pepsi-man a few posts below, he’s fair game and she’s fair game and everybody gets to sneer not only at him but also at her?
What are the rules here? If you know people and link to their blogs, they get sympathy and understanding and love? And if you don’t know them and they don’t look like they are all that articulate, BAM! HIT ‘EM! HAHAHAHA!
I hope all you ladies’ and gentlemens’ kids don’t grow up to be such kind, compassionate people.


I got right indignant for a good 10 seconds or so, and started to reply to her via email explaining that in my book cheaters are assholes, I don’t care who they are married to.

Then it dawned on me, and I checked the IP.

Same IP addy as the poor guy with his balls in a vice grip. Either he came back with a fake user name, or his wife is now trolling my site.

So once again the question is asked, was he offended at his manhood being questioned, or is his wife just squeezing the guy’s nads like a stress ball?

The world may never know.

I Had a Funny Story to Share

Lead Me Not Into Temptation, I Can Find it All By Myself.

I need you guys to help me stay strong today!

I had my day all mapped out. The boys both have school today, and the PTA is getting ready for our fall fundraiser, so I volunteered to go in and help with that for the 4 hours I’ll have free. The woman running fundraising is freaking awesome so I totally don’t mind, and I’ll feel good getting some time in with that. All good, right?

Only…..I got an email from NY and Co. and they are having their end of summer clearance, and there are some serious markdowns going on. And then I read that Clinique has some promotion going on and they are giving away a free lipstick to the first 500 people who ask for it at each location. Clinique lipstick folks, the fourteen dollars a pop kind. Who can pass that up? Between that and the sale it’s like someone up there just wants me at the mall today. Except I have plans. And I really can’t afford to be shopping. And I am working on losing a bit of weight(down 4lbs this week!!!! Go me!) so it doesn’t make sense to buy clothes right now. And to emphasize again, I really can’t afford to do any shopping right now.

Remind me I need to be at the school today doing good deeds instead of out selfishly shopping for awesome clothes I can’t afford or fit, and getting *sob* free Clinique lipstick.

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