Time again for the Perfect Post Award for the month!

I really love doing these, because when you read a Perfect Post, you KNOW it. Something about it immediately stands out in a way so few do. Maybe it’s the emotions the writer puts into it, maybe it’s the way they interact with their audience, or maybe, like my nominee this month, they are just so damn funny you literally laugh out loud! I ran across this post only 4 days after the May Perfect Post award, and immediately bookmarked it for June. So congratulations to Things in Your Head for your Perfect Post, “Mommy Has Left the Building“.

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards

Even if she wasn’t always saying the things in MY head, I loved this post for the sheer honesty and humor that only comes with being a mother. We have all had moments where, though we love our children, we truly wonder “WTF were we thinking??’. She has managed to capture that moment perfectly in a post well worth reading. Congratulations!

The Perfect Post Awards are hosted monthly by MommaK at Petroville and Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil. Much thanks to them for their hard work in coordinating this. If you would like to be a presenter, head on over and drop them an email. Also be sure to go over and read the other Perfect Posts awarded this month!

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  1. Wendy
    July 4, 2007 at 4:18 am (10 years ago)

    Thank you again, Sara!


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