Month: July 2007

BlogHer07 Droolers Anonymous

BlogHer07 Droolers Anonymous..Check in here!

Seriously, I have been stalking BlogHer07 updates and pics relentlessly for days now, and I have come to this conclusion-

I don’t care if I have to sell all 3 of my children to do it, I WILL be at BlogHer 2008.

Down With the Catalog Fundraiser!

First meeting of just the new 2007-2008 PTA board, and we did what I thought was impossible..We will NOT be doing the god-awful wrapping paper/ugly vase/$18 per pound chocolate-covered peanut catalog fundraiser!

Can I get a hell yeah!??

:mrgreen: 😎 😛

Luckily the officer in charge of fundraising is of the same mindset on this, and we had several alternatives to look into and vote on. We ended up instead deciding on selling coupon books for local restaurants. They are similar to the B1G1F coupons in the Entertainment books, but from a different company.

Even if the rest of the year on the board completely sucks, the one change alone will have been worth it!

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