Month: May 2007

Dear Dumbass Who Hacked My Ebay Account

While I certainly appreciate your efforts to make me some extra cash, I’m going to have to correct you on something. I don’t use my ebay account a whole lot, so suddenly making 106 listings is one morning is going to throw up a FEW red flags, dontcha think?

And Ipod Nanos? Sooooooooo last year.

If you are going to put me in the news, I’d much rather become known as the woman who ripped off 106 people for something cool, like those dolphin-shaped vibrators. Heck, since I don’t have one either, could we make it 107 dolphin-shaped vibrators?

And if you want my account to get that much exposure, drop my blog link in there next time too, would ya mind? Couldn’t hurt.

Thanks so much,

No Internet For You, Two Days!

(said in my best soup nazi voice)

If someone wants to seriously torture me, taking away my internet is the way to do it. Our cable went down yesterday morning, and when we went to bed last night it still wasn’t back up. We were supposed to have AT&T come out and set up DSL today, so other than some minor annoyance, I wasn’t too worried with it. Why call Mediacom when we were having it shut off today anyways, right?

I was told on Friday AT&T would be sending someone out between 8 and 11am this morning. Why such a broad range? Damned if I know. Personally I think they just like having people sit in their homes pacing by the door so that when they do finally show up at 10:59am, you are so wracked with internet withdrawals you don’t care how late they are. I was not terribly surprised when I called and had them tell me no, it wasn’t between 8-11, it was 8-12, I must have been told wrong. I was even less surprised when at 12:45 there was still no word. These people are notorious for saying one time and showing up 3 hours later, if at all. What did surprise me was the information I was given when I finally called and was transferred to the DSL installation department, which apparently now resides in India. I believe his exact words were
“In order to inform you we have had an error of the highest level and will have you to call and responsibly reschedule Friday for our earliest convenience on Saturday or Monday.”

Oh dear god, the translators are drinking again.

Once I puzzled out that there was a technical issue and I’d have to call Friday to reschedule for Saturday, we were ok. I pulled out the cable modem and figured out how to hook it back up, and as luck would have it the internet was back up. *whew*

I feel like an addict getting a fix, and I’m wondering if we couldn’t just hook a line straight into my arm?

Since It’s a Slow Weekend…

Nosey question about your sex life.

How many orgasms do you usually get in an average tryst with the hubby? Is it a given that you will get at least one? Are you a multiple kinda girl? Can you get it just by intercourse itself, or is a little more attention needed? I’m wondering what the average really is, but feel free to share as much or little detail as you like!

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