Month: January 2007

My Youngest Has a Crush.

Damian is in love. There is a cute little girl in our playgroup named Lexi, and more times than I can count this week Damian has asked about her. He dropped everything yesterday  and started walking from room to room calling her name. Then tonight the ex’s best friend called, and Damian climbed in my lap and starts saying “Lessie? Lessie?” while trying to pry the phone from my hands.

I knew he was gonna be a ladies’ man, but I assumed this stuff wouldn’t start till school. 2 is a bit young don’t ya think?

Another Early Morning.

I had every intention of posting a blog this morning. I’m not sure what about, but Brendan was up at 5:40, so it seemed like a good idea to kill a little time until the sun actually comes up or something. Only my internet is down, or my modem is pitching a tantrum again. Either way I have no internet and I have no caffeine in my system and I still have no blog topic, so you guys are stuck with the random thoughts of the morning, courtesy of wordpad.

– The sun starts coming up between 6:15 and 6:20 these days. I know this because I’m up to see it every morning.

– Sunrises are highly overrated. People who love them so much are probably not being dragged out of a blissful slumber by a 3 year old demanding juice and an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

– I finished a book called Happy Housewives last night. My domestic-y friends would like it. My feminist friends would give themselves migraines from rolling their eyes. Read(or don’t) accordingly.

– Speaking of domesticity, my project to become a better housewife is still full steam ahead. The house is really coming together, and I’m noticing I have a good bit more free time on my hands. Who knew I’d strive for a cleaner house and be able to spend LESS time cleaning every day?? I still need to get together a workable weekly schedule, but baby steps right? 🙂

– I forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer last night. CRAP!

– Brendan just said he wanted to go wake his brother up. Over my dead body kiddo.

– I have been spending a lot more time planning the meals and really putting the effort into my cooking, and in the process starting to remember how much I used to enjoy it.

– the ex is REALLY enjoying the change in meals. LOL! He has complimented me over and over this week, even on the soup from days ago. I sent some in his lunch yesterday and he said the people in the break room were going on and on about how good it looked. I bought a couple of just-the-right-size tupperware containers so I can start sending more leftovers in his and Gabby’s lunches instead of just sandwiches.

– I miss summer.

– I told the ex last night I wanted to learn to make my own strawberry jam when the strawberries come back in season. He looked at me like I had 2 heads. I decided to hold off on telling him I want to get a sewing machine. My guess is he’s already contemplating taking me in for drug testing, or finding out if I’ve been bodysnatched by aliens.

Assimilation..Maybe it’s Not a Bad Thing?

I am a messy person. I admit it. Everyone who knows me knows I am about the least organized person you will ever meet. I am spacey, I tend to be late to everything, and when I expect people to my house, 99% of the time I will still be vacuuming when they get here. I have just always said “This is how I am” and left it alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

This was fine until about two weeks ago. My lack of organizational skills finally resulted in a screwup in our budget, and thats the one area I do tend to pay attention to(even if I don’t quite tend to get the bills paid on time..). Hubby was upset obviously, but handled it with surprising grace. I on the other hand felt like I’d gotten a huge slap in the face, a total wakeup call if you will.  I was spending so much time chasing my own tail I was neglecting the things that most needed my attention- the house, the kids, the budget, and my husband. I had to do something. I deleted all my bookmarks, uninstalled my chat program, and spent the last two weeks doing a bit of soul searching. Ok, a LOT of soul searching. What I found surprised me.

I want to be Martha Stewart.

Ok, not really. Martha’s a bit of a freak, and no matter how organized I get I will never learn to make my own deck chairs  or do hand-stitched Valentine cards. But I do want to get back to basics, and become a better housewife. the ex and I have what I call a traditional relationship- he works outside the home, and I take care of the house and kids and all that entails. The problem is that I haven’t been very good at keeping up my end of the bargain. I hate housework, I suck at scheduling, and I get annoyed cooking the same 10 dishes over and over for the picky eater I married. And like so many daughters of feminists(in theory if not practice), I felt like housework was not a woman’s job, and so hubby should be helping with that when he got home. Yes, I truly believed he should work all day, and then come home and do half of my job as well. It has only been in the last week or so I realized how selfish this is. It would be different if I were working, but as a sahm, this IS my job. Keeping the house clean, the meals cooked, etc etc is what I signed up for when we agreed that I would stay home with the kids. Honestly, I feel like an ass for having been so petty and resentful of the situation for as long as I have. I am doing my best to remedy it though. My house is surprisingly cleaner and much more organized, though still a work in progress. I am caught up on my laundry. I am actively seeking out new recipes that my picky man will love. I am paying more attention to my kids and my marriage. I miss my buddies, but I should have more time for that now that the housework is nearly under control.

So here I am. Consider this my coming out. I am now a 50’s housewife in training, but without the cute little aprons and high heels. 😉

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