Month: December 2006

20 Minutes and Counting.

Kids asleep early.

Horrible, awful movie.

Annoying fireworks. (Is it REALLY necessary to start them at 8??)

Yummy pizza.

2007 needs to hurry up and get here, I’m ready for bed.

340 Calories I Need Not Worry About.

Yet another one for the ‘Weird Shit That Only Happens to Me’ files.

I took a pan of cinnamon rolls out of the oven this morning, set them on the stove, and then watched them explode.

Yes, you read that right, my pan of cinnamon rolls spontaneously combusted. Or at least the pan I cooked them in did. One minute I am setting them down, the next I am watching glass fly every which way. The stove burners were not on, it was not terribly cold in the house. Maybe the pan was just tired and thought suicide was the best way? Needless to say I will not be making brownies for awhile. And note to husband- next time, lets just have eggs, shall we?

This is Why I Do All the Wrapping.

My husband has been in the bedroom wrapping my Christmas gift(s). I can only guess he bought out an entire store full of small, hard to wrap items, because 35 minutes later he’s still in there. I keep hearing paper and tape, so he really is wrapping. What could be taking so long????

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