Month: October 2006

A Brag on My Daughter.

Gabrielle brought home some test scores for stuff they had done last year and the beginning of this year. She is doing really well, 99% of her scores were either average or above average. One below average in an area of math concepts. No surprise, I can barely work a calculator myself. She also got her score in the reading fluency test they took in August. It will be repeated 2 more times before school is out. According to them she should be able to read 110 words a minute by next May. Her starting score the very first test was 114 words a minute, twice the expected score for the August test she took. 🙂 🙂 Not only is she gorgeous, but she’s got brains to boot!

Speaking of Big Girl Panties…

What good are big girl panties without a matching big girl bra? A good friend let me try hers on today. I may have some work to do in the bitchiness department because as you can see, I’m not even close to filling it out.

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