Powering down

I took a trip with girlfriends recently, and while I wasn’t out of touch, I spent a lot less time on social media. When I came back I realized during the time I was disconnected, I didn’t miss the noise that much.  I also realized I have a LOT of unfinished projects, my blog included.

It’s time to take a break, reassess what I have, and figure out the direction I want to go. Tear down what isn’t working, finish the things that need finishing, and start those things I keep meaning to start. My husband likes to say “Start as you mean to go on”, so my goal is to make January 1, 2019 not the starting point for improvements, but a continuation of the things I have accomplished. 

Look for me to come back around the 1st of the year, and in the meantime I wish everyone a happy holiday season <3